Donald Trump / The Atlantic

A few weeks ago, I drew Donald Trump's portrait for The Atlantic. It was my second time drawing him, and I swear, even though that ridiculous head of hair gets all the attention, don't sleep on what's going on with his face too. It's like a thin layer of skin draped over a few sheets of bubble wrap.

The spread came out really well, thanks in large part to the art direction of Darhil Crooks, who worked with me on the piece and recently redesigned the magazine. Thank you, Darhil.

The Grantland Quarterly 4

Very happy to be in the Grantland Quarterly again. In it, I illustrated a Chuck Klosterman article about seeing Nickelback & Creed in the same night, and a did a series of drawings for an insert where Rembert Browne explains the 1985 American Music Awards. Enjoy.

Thanks as always to AD Juliet Litman, who is awesome.

Drawing for MJ's 50th Birthday

Grand reveal! I did a drawing that hung at Michael Jordan's 50th birthday party this weekend. It was part of a larger, awesome art show curated by Doubleday and Cartwright & produced by Nike, and is a portrait of George Koehler, the enigmatic driver who's been in MJ's inner circle for 30 years. Thanks Kimou and Dudley and the rest of the crew at D&C- very psyched to have been a part of this.
Haven't gotten the official photos back yet, but my spy-eye caught the drawing through 2 panes of glass in this photo from

(Update 3/18) Here's a better one from the show: