The Perfect 18

(Update 11/1/15: If the youtube link above is down, use this one on vimeo.)

After many months of work, I'm proud and excited to announce that my first short film, "The Perfect 18", was released today on Grantland. It tells the true story of how a 56 yr old IT guy scored a perfect game in Putt-Putt (18 hole-in-ones in a row), and features interviews from a group of players who were there that day.

This film was a joint-production between myself, Grantland, and Victory Journal, and I'm very grateful to everyone who helped make it possible. Special thanks to executive producers Dave Jacoby and Bill Simmons at Grantland, Jeremy Johnstone and Chris Isenberg at Victory Journal, Casimir Nozkowski, Kyle Stecker, Cory Grey, and Jesse Clark for their help in production, and of course to Rick Baird and the rest of the players who generously sat down with us for interviews.

With Rick on the course in August.

La Gran Fuga for Victory Journal

The feature I designed about El Duque's escape from Cuba is now up on the Victory Journal site. It's fairly deluxe.

Special thank yous to the talented crew who made this possible: writer Brin-Jonathan Butler, editors Christopher Isenberg and Piotr Orlov, writers Steve Fainaru, Ray Sanchez, and S.L. Price for giving us permission to use stories from their books*, and to designers Mike Fey and Aaron Amaro for building this out for the web.

* for more on this story, I highly recommend The Duke of Havana and Pitching Around Fidel

PEDs for Grantland

Illustration of Tetsuo Ray Lewis for the Grantland Quarterly #7, accompanying the excellent Bill Simmons article "Daring to Ask the PED Question."

Mike Gimbel for Grantland

New illustration for Rogue statistician & crocodile man, Mike Gimbel.
Written by Hua Hsu, art directed by Sean Fennessey.

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