La Gran Fuga for Victory Journal

The feature I designed about El Duque's escape from Cuba is now up on the Victory Journal site. It's fairly deluxe.

Special thank yous to the talented crew who made this possible: writer Brin-Jonathan Butler, editors Christopher Isenberg and Piotr Orlov, writers Steve Fainaru, Ray Sanchez, and S.L. Price for giving us permission to use stories from their books*, and to designers Mike Fey and Aaron Amaro for building this out for the web.

* for more on this story, I highly recommend The Duke of Havana and Pitching Around Fidel

PEDs for Grantland

Illustration of Tetsuo Ray Lewis for the Grantland Quarterly #7, accompanying the excellent Bill Simmons article "Daring to Ask the PED Question."

Mike Gimbel for Grantland

New illustration for Rogue statistician & crocodile man, Mike Gimbel.
Written by Hua Hsu, art directed by Sean Fennessey.

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