The Patron Saints of Time Travel

For the last 4 years, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart in LA has been a one-stop-shop for time travelers of every stripe, and has served as a front for one of LA's best writing centers. As part of the larger, Dave-Eggers-founded network called 826 National, it sells limited-edition art products in the front of the store, and operates a non-profit writing center (for kids!) in the back. So cool.

I've been a big fan of these centers since reading about how the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco gave kids fun & non-intimidating environment to be creative in, so was excited to get an email from Jon Korn (one of the founders of the Time Travel Mart) about designing a series of products for the LA store.

Since the Time Travel Mart is modeled after a convenience store, the idea was to do the "Patron Saints of Time Travel" in the style of those tall religious candles that you can get almost everywhere. I did some fairly intensive research on time travel theory, and between feelings of total confusion and near-despair (turns out, trying to learn quantum physics by reading wikipedia is really, really hard,) decided on a set of 3 major contributors- Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, and Ronald Mallett.


Designing the front of the candles went fairly fast, but the real fun is on the back, where I introduce each of their major formulas, give a few quotes, and generally describe their contributions to this space/time/mind-bendingly difficult science.

The candles are available for sale at the Time Travel Mart or from their online store- they're $12.99 each, or $35.99 for the set of three. All proceeds go to helping keep the writing center open, and keeps smiles on all those inspired little kid-faces!

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart
1714 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Thanks to the stellar and gentlemanly Jon Korn for everything!
To learn more about the 826 National network (including how to get involved), visit their parent website here.
To hear an especially moving story about time-travel & time-travel-theory, I highly recommend the This American Life segment about Patron Saint Ronald Mallett (23 min.)


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