The Making of: MISS CHRIS

At long last, I'm happy to announce that today marks the release of my MISS CHRIS minicomic into the wild. As far as projects like these are concerned (usually filed in the "misc. backburner" folder that collects dust on my shelf), this is something that gained a slow but positive momentum over the last year, resulting in what you see here.

For anyone who's run into me in any way over the last year (at last year's NeoIntegrity:Comics show at Mocca, at any of my talks, at my studio, in my classes, at the Brooklyn Comics Festival, at THIS year's Mocca festival, etc) you've probably seen this in various states of completedness and heard me ramble on about how fun it's been to write and illustrate comics again. As someone who's always working collaboratively with other artists, designers, and art directors, the experience of designing & building a little book like this was a fun challenge, and gave me a whole new appreciation for the production people who've taken my work and turned it into physical objects (if any of you are reading this, THANK YOU!) Good god, it's harder than it looks to get right.

The story in a nutshell (and, well, being a minicomic, it already is in a nutshell,) introduces us to Miss Chris- a chain-smoking crossdresser with a dark past who works the bar at a racetrack. The bar is managed and operated by the mysterious Mr. X, who keeps a close eye on Miss Chris (and, seemingly, on everyone else too). This story is the beginning of a longer series of stories about the racetrack, where we'll meet more characters who work & hang out there. I'm working on the second installment now, and am aiming to have it done and up for sale at some point this summer.

Link to the item in the store:

Feel free to repost any of the photos or feature MISS CHRIS on your site in any way, but please include a return link. For reviewers interested in a review-copy or high-res photos of the book, please email me.

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